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Dear Participants of the Izmir International Congress on Economics and Administrative Sciences,

You can easily reach the hotels from İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport by three different ways. These are HAVAŞ, ESHOT (Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Bus No. 202) and İZBAN (İzmir Train Inc.). Buses departing from the airport with HAVAS and ESHOT take you to Konak Square in Izmir. Hotels are very close to Cumhuriyet Square. İZBAN trains should be taken from the airport stop and at KEMER stop. Although prices may vary, you can travel to approximately 5 TL with approximately 15 TL ESHOT. You can use the shuttle bus services of the bus companies to reach the hotels from Izmir Bus Terminal. You can reach the Hotel by going to Basmane from the service vehicles passing Basmane. Between Basmane Square and the hotels (Izmir Palas and Kilim Hotel) is 1,200 meters. You can walk this distance or take a taxi. Guests coming from the airport will be able to land at Sabanci Cultural Center for the 9th of September. Guests arriving from the bus station can easily reach the hotel from Konak Square.

We wish you a good trip.

The following are the conditions for taking the ISBN number in the electronic abstracts and full text abstracts. Passing of the texts to the plagiarism control software (to be done by our Congress) and the absence of plagiarism, to pass the evaluation process successfully, to pay the participation fee ( ) The author of the paper (at least one of them) is personally participating in the congress and performing the presentation. Even </ strong> excuses for illness presentation or headache are not acceptable. Presentation cannot be made by teleconference.