Dear paper authors,
Dear participants,

Participation Fee Payment Deadline: 20.09.2019

University Research Asistant and Student (Graduate Students) Professors, Lecturer and Other Participants Listener All Paper Authors and Listeners
With Accommodation Without Accommodation
Single Paper 400 TL 500 TL 300 TL 450 TL 150 Euro (For up to 3 papers)
Two Papers 450 TL 550 TL
Three Papers 500 TL 600 TL


1. One author can participate with up to 3 papers.
2. The participation fee for international participants (non-citizens of T.C.) is € 150. Foreign participants who pay this fee will be able to benefit from all the facilities mentioned in 8.
3. Participants from abroad will be able to make their payments in cash at the registration desk on the day of Congress.
4. For Domestic participants or T.C. Citizen Abroad Participants;
     A) Graduate students educating in Turkey Universities (masters and doctoral students) and University Research Assistants:
(In this case, Students and Reasearch Assistants will send us their documents with email when they pay the registration fee.)
                       400 TL for one paper, 450 TL for two papers and 500 TL for three papers.
     B) For other TC citizens and non-citizen of TC working in Turkey universities (Lecturer, Professor, Staff and other officers);
                     500 TL for one paper, 550 TL for two papers and 600 TL for three papers.
     C) Listeners who will accommodate at the congress hotel will pay 300TL, otherwise they will pay 450 TL.
5.In the multi-authored papers, the responsible author / presentation-person will pay the participation fee according to the above criteria. There is no need to pay any fees if other authors will not participate in the congress. In case of participation of other authors in the congress, regardless of whether they make a presentation or not, they will pay the attendance fees in accordance with their status.
6. As the registration fee is DONATION, Thefee will be sent to “Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi Döner Sermaye”. For this reason, The description of the payment should be  “BAĞIS-AUTHOR NAME SURNAME -SUBMISSION ID NUMBER“.
7. Participants who do not pay the registration fee or who do not attend the congress will not be given a certificate of participation.
8. The congress participation fee includes the following services:
     a) Name badge,
     b) Certificate of participation,
     c) Congress document,
     d) Congress Detailed Programme
     e) Coffee and Tea Breaks
     f) Gala meal
     g) Tour on 30 November
     h) Publication of the book including full text accepted and presented papers with ISBN.

You can find bank account details below. Please send us the transfer document after you sent the money. You can send the document to Please write “DONATION-YOUR NAME-YOUR SUBMISSION ID” in description of the document.

Bank Information:
Account Name: İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Döner Sermaye Birimi
T. C. Ziraat Bank 9 Eylül Şubesi (9 Eylul Branch)
IBAN NO: TR 1100 0100 1506 0679 9887 5056